We serve customize order only for ailo design with available different color and material (as you can see on the picture). Additional cost will be charge accordingly (IDR 50,000 or more). Customize order will be ready within couple week.

For more information please contact us

+62 898 789 6312

Blackberry Messenger:

307BA70C (Ari Susilo)
223D88C6 (Dian BeDJo)


2 responses to “CUSTOMIZE ORDER

  • putri

    bisa costum oxford model kaya gini ga?

    bikin sama persis kaya gitu dari model, warna, hak bawah, sampe tali sepatu


  • ailofootwear

    haiy putri sorry bgt nih baru kita reply, kita ga terima custom bw model sendiri put, tp klo putri mau ada rekanan kita yg bisa, bole smsan aja kali yah 08987896312 tq putri sorry for belated reply

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